Our investment philosophy is guided by our permanent capital base, which allows us to remain flexible, open-minded, and long-term oriented. We are comfortable investing across various asset classes and industries, and throughout the entire capital structure of a company. 

While our principal investment activities are described below, we also possess the flexibility to invest in other unique opportunities and special situations as well. 

private equity

In our private equity investments we invest in both early stage ventures, and more mature operating businesses. 

At the early stages, we look for great entrepreneurs solving real problems that could have a lasting, positive impact on the world. When we find that combination, we treat the relationship as a long-term partnership.  

We actively invest across stages of the typical venture capital fundraising cycle from seed through series A, B, and C financing rounds.

Some of our representative early stage investments include:


Our later stage private equity investments focus on operating companies with an established track record of profitable operations and growth, and we are industry and sector agnostic. 

To help determine if we are the right acquisition partner for you, our typical criteria for an acquisition or majority position is:

  • Businesses generating at least $2 million - $10 million in annual EBITDA

  • A record of stable, consistent earnings power and a diversified customer/client base

  • An established niche expertise or stellar brand name and reputation

  • Businesses managed by a set of partners that we can fully trust, and enjoy doing business with.

While we prefer to find great businesses with excellent management already in place, we believe in some cases we can provide added value through our own operational and investment experience. Several of our prior investments have also involved turnarounds and restructurings of quality businesses that had been poorly managed.

We are happy to provide confidentiality and we promise a very rapid response time of whether we are interested (or not) when looking at new opportunities. If you fit any of the above criteria, we would love to hear from you.

Representative acquisitions & control investments include:

Volta Digital Brands:

  • Volta manages a platform company of high growth, digital-first brands developed through acquisitions and incubating new brands internally

Latin America’s leading mobile payment and mobile banking company:

  • Convertible note bridge financing to support several new business development initiatives and expansion within Central & South America


Product research & development for innovative medical devices:

  • 100 years of successful product development experience and over 200 issued patents


We aim to identify and construct a portfolio of attractive real estate investments that have the potential for long-term real income growth, thus serving as a store of value and inflation hedge. We also look for unique opportunities to establish a positive presence in the community, and our acquisitions span across stabilized, rehabilitative, and distressed assets.  

Our current real estate activities are focused on urban multi-family and commercial real estate including self-storage and hospitality properties.

Representative investments & acquisitions include:


Our public market investments consist of publicly-traded equity and debt securities in developed, emerging, and frontier markets. Primarily, we focus on concentrated stakes in businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, high quality management, and operating within an industry in a favorable stage of the capital cycle. As with any of our activities, we consider ourselves partial owners of the businesses in which we invest, and our role can be either passive or strategic depending on the circumstances.

We also may identify shorter-term, opportunistic situations where the market value of an asset has moved out of line with our view of the underlying fundamentals, and where value can be created through corporate action, or simply a return to more rational market behavior over the passage of time.  


In addition to our direct investments described above, we will also look to co-invest with other investment firms, family offices, or management groups that share our emphasis on integrity and honesty, and our focus on providing long-term, patient capital. Our goal in such partnerships is to proactively structure deals with clear, positive outcomes for both parties in mind, and we don't mind being passive partners in the right situations.

From time to time we invest in funds or special purpose vehicles with third-party fund managers that offer specialized skills.

Lastly, we are always open to doing business with idea generators who can help us identify potential new investments and business opportunities. We take pride in being efficient with both your time and ours by evaluating and responding with indications of interest promptly.