VOLTA Announces new $2m investment in Fhoosh

FHOOSH, the first company to pair high-speed data transmission with ultra-secure cybersecurity, recently secured a $2 million investment from Volta Global, a private investment group active in transformational venture capital, as part of FHOOSH's recent oversubscribed financing...

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Company Profile

Volta Global LLC is a private investment group with investment activities in venture capital, private equity, real estate, and public markets... 

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Where are the next decade's greatest investment opportunities? Veteran investor Marko Dimitrijevic argues that they can be found in frontier markets, which account for seventy-one of the world's seventy-five fastest-growing economies and 19 percent of the world's GDP...

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Impenetrable Fortress — applying the teachings of Buffett and Taleb.

History has taught us that the business of investing is tough. Anyone who says otherwise is likely a) a fool, or b) hasn’t been in the business long enough to realize they’re wrong (yet). Very few domains require us to gauge a similar level of uncertainty and unpredictability of the future in order to make intelligent and impactful decisions in the present.

Meanwhile, everyone has a different (or not so different) take on this topic — very few are truly unique.

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Being Unique.

The world has plenty of investment firms. You would have a tough time making the case that it needs another hedge fund, another private equity buyout fund, or another tech VC. Many LPs of those funds would certainly disagree with you if you tried.

So when we decided to start a new investment firm earlier this year, we felt a need to build from the ground up around one core question — if you had a permanent capital base, with no pressure from outside clients or investors, and no required time horizon, how exactly would you choose to invest your time and money in a unique way from everyone else?

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Shake-A-Leg Miami is proud to announce that Volta Global is sponsoring the launch of Sea Worthy, a new program designed to assist young adults with autism and other disabilities to develop skills that will enable them to become independent on the water and prepare them for a job...

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