The world has plenty of investment firms. You would have a tough time making the case that it needs another hedge fund, another private equity buyout fund, or another tech VC. Many LPs of those funds would certainly disagree with you if you tried.

So when we decided to start a new investment firm earlier this year, we felt a need to build from the ground up around one core question — if you had a permanent capital base, with no pressure from outside clients or investors, and no required time horizon, how exactly would you choose to invest your time and money in a unique way from everyone else?

The result is Volta Global. Our “manifesto” of sorts goes into details on many aspects of our approach, but in reality its not all that complicated — it goes back to that single core question we started with.

Our capital is permanent. This means we deploy capital as quickly or patiently as we see fit, and only when we have a high conviction in the particular business. It also means we don’t deal with the distractions of fundraising or having to answer to a group of outside limited partners who might not share our (and your) same goals. We don’t feel beholden to the ebbs and flows of economic cycles, and we have no pressure to exit our investments within any specific time frame.

Our interests and passions are aligned with yours. We aren’t just investors. We have been entrepreneurs starting our own businesses from scratch before, and we still create, build, and operate multiple businesses today. We are therefore very much “in the trenches” on a daily basis when it comes to interacting with our entrepreneurs. And more importantly, we love what we do. We find passion to be an essential part of growing our own business and look for the same in any new business we evaluate.

Our opportunity set is boundless. Partly as a result of the above, we look at the entire world and a variety of asset classes as one vast landscape of potential investment opportunities. Our portfolio spans four continents with businesses operating in dozens of countries. Why do we do this? Why not pick a country/sector/asset class and “specialize”? Because finding great investment ideas to execute is hard. REALLY hard. There is plenty of capital in the world chasing only a limited set of truly great ideas, especially in today’s ultra-low interest rate environment (thanks central banks!). By opening ourselves up to the widest funnel of good ideas possible, and making sure we have the experience and discipline in place to process that funnel quickly, we believe it gives us the best shot at success.

Our team is made up of kicka** “intra-praneurs”. We try to hire the best, and then empower everyone to take individual ownership over the success of our company. We don’t have “committees”, we emphasize speed and flexibility, and we care much less about what you’ve done in the past than we do about your hunger and ambition to do great things in the future. Based on the belief that great ideas can come from anywhere, our structure is flatter and more open than what you would typically find in the investment world, and includes not only experts in finance and operations but also graphic design, digital marketing, and branding. This makes for an ever fluid, dynamic, and exciting place to come to work everyday (see “passion” above).

Put simply, that is us. Volta has arrived and in the 10 months since we started making new investments, we have been very busy.

If you want to learn more about us or you have an opportunity to work together, we would love to hear from you.