Our founder Marko Dimitrijevic, accomplished author and semi-professional photographer, has been making waves with his first article as a contributor for AlleyWatch. 

The advice Marko offers in "The Surprising Relationship Between Photography and Investing" likens his decades-long career as an investor and entrepreneur with his myriad experiences as a wildlife and landscape photographer. The advice runs the gamut from comparing the "art" of photography with the "art" of investing.

And yes, says Marko, investing is an art.

To drive home this point, Marko Dimitrijevic quotes value investor and Baupost Group founder Seth Klarman who said, "The ability to distill two or three major themes out of an investment and get right to the heart of the matter…is truly an art. I would say [investing is] art first and foremost, craft second, science third.”

That synergy of art, craft and science is much of what Marko expertly explores, saying "When emotion influences investment decisions, trouble may be a foot. But that’s exactly the point. Both photography and investment require a balance between subjective and objective, or art and science, to yield positive results."

To wit, says Marko Dimitrijevic, there is no failsafe 1 + 1 = 2 formula. "The safer you play things the more stagnant you become," explains Marko. "If you don’t take risks, you don’t lose, sure, but you don’t reap any rewards either."

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Marko Dimitrijevic For AlleyWatch